Erieside Creative was founded by Jaimee Lynn in 2020, inspired by the freedom of thought and innovation she experiences each time she is able to unplug from the stresses of life.
Just as water holds the ability to flow freely across endless terrains, it is the goal of Erieside Creative to set the creative mind free, allowing it to flow through any genre it is inspired by.
Jaimee was born and raised in beautiful Cleveland, Ohio. After starting college at 14 years old and working as a paralegal in the serious, stress-inducing criminal defense industry for just shy of a decade, she is finally showcasing her creativity and free spirit by writing and publishing her first book. 
When she is not writing and dreaming up new ideas, Jaimee loves spending time with her family and rescue pup Gia. She admittedly was blessed with a passion for a little bit of everything life has to offer, and is egar to expand her interests with each passing day.
Jaimee is excited to share her creativity with the world and hopes you will tag along on her journey! She knows that sometimes following your dreams can be harder than it seems. As such, she is dedicated to inspiring minds of every age to embrace their creative side whether than be writing, singing, dancing, painting, building hot-rods, or anything else that gives you that spark!
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